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Saud Al-shuraim Born in the year 1965, Dr Sheikh Abu Ibraheem Saud bin Ibraheem bin Muhammed ash Shuraim an Najdi is one of the main Imaams of the Haram in Makkah.

He arises from the Banu Zaid Tribe of Saudi Arabia. He was educated at the Al Areen and Yarmouk Schools at a primary and secondary level. In 1983, he graduated from high school. Concurrently he completed his Hifz as well-a feat he achieved in the amazingly short period of just 6 months.
He did this as a result of a relentless personal struggle and the Amazing Grace of Allah.
Even his revision of the Quraan was done all alone with no external help.
He went on to attend the College of Usoolud Deen at Mohammed ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh. In 1989 he pursued further studies and this culminated with a masters degree in 1992.

Some of his illustrious teachers included the late Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baaz and Sheikh Abdullah Jibreen. At this stage he began teaching as well.

1991 changed Sheikh Shuraim's fortunes forever. It was in this eventful year that he was appointed Imaam of the Makkah Haram as per royal decree. In the next year, he graduated as a judge of the High Court of Makkah. A year later, he gained the approval to conduct lessons in the Haram as well. Continuing on his path of education, in 1995 he received a Doctorate at the Ummul Quraa University in Makkah.

Muslims the world over admire him for his deep voice and smooth manner of recitation.

On the personal side, he fondly remembers his mother love and care as she raised him as an orphan. He describes her love as a tonic for him.
About his wife, Sheikh Shuraim says she is a loyal companion in both happiness and sorrow, always there in times of need.

The Sheikh is recognized as a very prominent personality of the Muslim world. He is a dignified researcher in Fiqh, a judge and a poet. He has made numerous trips to countries around the world including South Africa. He is also a great researcher and has written many books on Islam and Aqeedah. Ultimately it is his heartfelt recitation on the Quraan that has gained him worldwide acclaim.

It can safely be said that there are not many Muslim hearts and homes around the world where Sheikh Saud does not occupy a very privileged place.

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